Sustainable commissioning 60 - 120 minutes workshop | Online & Physical


The call for sustainable commissioning is getting louder and louder, from within our own organization, the ministry, but also from contractors.

Purchasing organizations have an important role to play in attaching value to reducing the environmental impact of public procurement, in order to achieve objectives effectively and at the lowest possible cost.

EcoReview provides practical support in projects and strategically in drawing up policy and setting up monitoring in the field of sustainable procurement.

Insights from our projects and collaborations with leading purchasing organizations are bundled in this training.

The training is aimed at:

  • Sustainability advisor
  • Sustainable purchasing advisor
  • Designers
  • Contract managers
  • Administrators

Learning goals

  • Understanding sustainable commissioning at the most abstract level
  • How does sustainable commissioning start? Top Down or Bottom Up?
  • Compare products and projects quantitatively
  • In which phases of a project do you pay attention to which sustainability aspects?
  • Sustainability in (1) framework (2) design (3) tendering, (4) delivery, (5) management, (6) renovation, reuse and demolition.
  • What information do you need to collect in projects to be able to monitor?
  • With what information from projects can you determine whether the objectives of the organization will be achieved?
  • How do you start and how do you apply it consistently and uniformly?

Practical information


  • 15 min. Welcome, introduce
  • 45 min. Presentation sustainable commissioning in general
  • 45 min. discussion on how to get started with sustainable commissioning and references to guidance that exists for this at EcoReview and partner organisations.


4-8 works well online.


Attuned to the specific wishes