CSRD 1 half day | Clients and Contractors | Insights into theory and practice


EcoReview is an environmental consultancy firm that started offering trainings after questions from organizations. Each training and workshop is directly linked to practice and is accompanied by current, appealing examples!

Due to the CSRD obligation, organizations need more than ever knowledge, skills and experience in bringing together financial and non-financial data in a report.

CSRD is at the intersection of traditional financial and progressive non-financial reporting (Environment – Social – Governance). Both reports must also be completed annually, at the same time, and signed off by an RA.

EcoReview joins forces to provide a clear explanation of CSRD at this intersection, from various backgrounds and expertise.

Learning goals


Understanding the developments from which CSRD emerged (reason).
Living ESG: Environment, Social, Governance.

Laws and regulations

Understand the broad contents of NFRD and CSRD.
Understand how NFRD and CSRD relate to each other.
Knowledge of legislative and guiding CSRD bodies.

Impact for my company

Experiencing double materiality.
See which steps an organization must go through to comply with legislation and regulations.
Insight into risks and opportunities for the production and services sector.
See how an RA views and completes a sustainability audit.
Exploration of available instruments and resources.

Practical information

No basic knowledge is assumed. The focus on topics is sharpened for each type of organization, depending on how you deal with CSRD.

Presentation: 180 minutes (3 hours) incl. breaks
Maximum 14 participants (per training)
Delivery of a summary (handout)
1 trainer (LCA/CSRD expert)
Investment € 2,600 excl. VAT
To ask? or 0622942977