Basic sustainability, circularity, LCA & ECI 60 - 120 minutes workshop | Online & Physical


When concepts like 'circularity,' 'environmental costs' and 'life cycle assessment' be discussed but not completely to be understood? When the difference between an LCA and MKI not clear is?

This training provides for all participants a minimum required level of knowledge to engage in conversations and discussions about sustainability and circularity can contribute. Participants do not need more to ask for clarification on the using abbreviations or sustainable concepts.

Also some frequently heard 'myths' about sustainability and treated circularity.

During the interaction there is room for any participants with a critical look at sustainability. Some criticism can be debunked with examples, others criticism may be topical and also causes with enthusiastic participants for new insights.

The training is aimed at public organizations, contractors and producers.

Learning goals

Lesson module 1

- Understanding concepts such as; environmental impact, environmental impact category, life cycle analysis (LCA), environmental profile, environmental cost indicator (MKI), ecosystem of standards and regulatory authorities, circularity, agreements and differences between LCA, MKI, sustainability and circularity.

Lesson module 2

- How are environmental costs included in projects and tenders? - How to aim a client a sustainable tender in? - How does a . react tenderer for a sustainable tender? - What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current system in which the MKI is used as an indicator for the environmental costs in a project? - Trends in sustainable or circular procurement

Practical information


15 min. Welcome, instructions 60 min. Go through lesson module 1 & 2 45 min. Interaction, questions, comments, shutdown and reference to more information.


4-12 works well online. at more interest it's recommended to split the group up.


The investment for this interactive training is € 1,750 excl. VAT. - Access to Online Learning Modules - Experienced trainer - Including before and after discussion with client.