Training courses

Smarter, faster and effective sustainable results


EcoReview shares her, knowledge and experience in training sessions.


Knowledge creates an impact when you share it. EcoReview is a knowledge partner of purchasing organizations, contractors and producers. We don’t hear, see and notice in our assignments only the latest developments, but also often the lack of knowledge. Every organization has, now more than ever, enough persons with advanced knowledge or experience necessary to participate in sustainable change.


Representing complex matters in an understandable way. We are known for it explain complex concepts in simple figures. These are central to every training. Our enthusiastic experts also take care of the interaction; physically and online.

We have already developed several training courses based on our practical experience.

Adjusting on the basis of specific needs or points of attention we do our training. Trainings vary from one hour to several days. We have already shared knowledge in training courses with these organizations and market parties:
– Engineering firms
– Regional water authorities
– Municipalities
– Provinces
– Contractors
– Manufacturers
– Independent purchasing advisors

Our training sessions

EcoReview helps purchasing organizations through sustainable and circular procurement achieving climate goals.

Basic sustainability, circularity, LCA & ECI

The training is aimed at public organizations, contractors and producers.

When concepts like ‘circularity,’ ‘environmental costs’ and ‘life cycle analysis’ do discussed but not fully understood? When the difference between an LCA and MKI isn’t clear?

Sustainable change is not easy. It’s doesn’t happen
from one day to the other.

Investing in training and knowledge always pays off off. Our team of experienced environmental specialists is ready to to assist. Contact us!

“For us it was a deepening of our knowledge and also clarification of our boundaries and responsibility in the LCA as producer.
This gives us better tools for the contractors to help – and thus also the clients – to ask the right questions so that the scopes are better be limited and award criteria for all parties to provide a level playing field.”
“The training you gave is still valuable. MKI is becoming more and more alive, also in R&D, for example. This has led, to a concrete plan of approach for sustainability producers in R&D, among other things.”
Nice and smooth way of presenting. You kept the participants on track. There also was room for a positive critical view to MKI and that contractors and suppliers don’t care as much as they should.”