EcoReview is a team of passionate experts, each with their
own areas of expertise and strengths. Our team consists of people with
different backgrounds and personalities.
What we have in common is a passion for sustainable business.


Pieter Stadhouders
+31 (0) 6 46 26 49 32
Pieter Stadhouders is the founder of EcoReview, with over 10 years of experience in the sector. As a verifier for NMD, MRPI and the IGBC he has seen many LCA’s and sustainable initiatives. With the increasing complexity and the role LCA’s play in procurement the need for a level playing field is eminent. He is motivated to use his experience to improve the sustainability throughout supply chains in an effective manner.
  • MSc Sustainable Development, Utrecht University
  • Member VLCA
  • Member TIC PCR Asfalt
  • Initiator EPD Ireland program
  • Verifier NMD, MRPI & IGBC

Paul Prinssen

Sustainable circular advisor commissioning
+31 (0)6 22 94 29 77
Paul Prinssen is partner at EcoReview, and specializes in incorporating sustainability criteria into tenders related to civil engineering. He has disseminated knowledge to numerous local authorities Through training courses and publications regarding sustainable procurement with LCA and ECI. An important motivation is to keep the inherently complex matter of sustainability and circularity accessible and simple towards partnering organisations. Paul is comfortable in front of larger groups and clear in communication.
  • MSc Innovation Sciences, Utrecht University
  • Expert in the Metropolitan Region Amsterdam expert pool for socially responsible purchasing
  • Expert in the sustainable procurement expert pool Rijkswaterstaat
  • Author of various publications concerning sustainable and circular procurement with LCA and the Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI)

Ruben van Gaalen

LCA division manager / LCA Specialist
+31 (0)6 39 34 60 32
Ruben van Gaalen is a world traveler and has already practiced various professionalisms. To his delight, as an LCA expert and recognized expert at the NMD, he now contributes to a world in which greenery flourishes. Ruben is decisive, pleasant in communication and customer-oriented.
  • Verifier NMD

Tim Mol

Project Manager / LCA Specialist
+31 (0)6 505 352 78
Tim Mol has a project engineering background in global logistics; it is there where he developed the set of skills that allows him to understand complex processes both technically and functionally. This experience, together with a passion for sustainability and circularity, enables him to successfully lead and execute LCA-projects with EcoReview.
Tim holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering.

Stijn Mulder

LCA Specialist
Stijn Mulder has a Bachelor degree in climate sciences and a Masters degree in Industrial Ecology. The combination of both technical and social skills, allows him to pragmatically tackle complex topics related to sustainability. In this way he bridges the gap between knowledge and practice.

Kevin Oranje

Project Manager / LCA Specialist
Kevin Oranje has a background and ample (project management) experience in sustainability issues within Ground, Road and Hydraulic Engineering (GWW). Through combining his LCA expertise and helicopter view throughout the system, he connects theory and practice. Because of his passion for sustainability and circularity he doesn’t want to do this just on paper, but actually achieve it in practice.
Kevin has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a master in Strategic Management.

Bouke Bakker

Project Manager / Adviseur duurzaam circulair opdrachtgeverschap
+31 (0)6 11 56 99 63
Bouke Bakker has been involved in the sustainability of our world from an early age. With a background in environmental sciences and extensive experience in executing and managing sustainability projects, I am proud to be able to work towards a better world. I am convinced that (technological) developments are necessary to achieve the sustainability goals. Data is of great importance to determine the right direction of development. With the help of the life cycle analysis (LCA) it is possible to quantify the necessary information about environmental impact, materials & energy and to make well-considered choices. Because the LCA is also used to stimulate or even oblige sustainability through commissioning, it is an important means of realizing sustainability in practice.
  • MSc Urban Environmental Management
  • BSc Urban Planning
  • IPMA Certified Project Manager

Roel van Oosterhout

LCA Specialist
+31 (0)6 83 67 28 67
Roel van Oosterhout has a master’s degree in Global Business & Sustainability and a professional background project management of sustainable & circular construction. Are passion for sustainability in combination with technical and social skills enable him to set goals to work customer-oriented.