EcoReview’s team of accredited LCA experts takes care of the verification of your LCA.


The team of accredited LCA experts at EcoReview ensures the verification of your product- or project-specific LCA and is recognized by both NMD and MRPI. So regardless of the purpose of verifying your LCA, EcoReview is happy to assist you.


EcoReview has years of experience and a proactive approach, offering a wide range of specialties: in the asphalt and concrete industries, but also far beyond. Additionally, EcoReview is well-versed in LCA calculation tools such as Ecochain and NIBE.


Based on our extensive experience with conducting ECI’s, we are very aware of the benefits of an efficient verification process. We assist you by quickly coordinating internally and communicating clearly. We always provide a clear explanation of our feedback through a review journal in which the actions taken are tracked.


A completed LCA study must be verified by a external verifier as adoption in the National Environmental Database (NMD) is required. This may be the case for implementation and use of the results of the environmental impact categories in tools such as BREAAM, Dubocalc, GPR buildings, etc.

With MSc Pieter Stadhouders and Ruben van Gaalen, EcoReview has in-house verifiers recognized by the NMD. This ensures that EcoReview is always up-to-date with the latest standards and PEFCRs.

We are also a member of the Dutch Association for LCA Practitioners (vLCA) and we take place in the Technische Inhoudelijke Commissie voor de asfalt industrie (TIC).

Examples of type of verifications

Een greep uit de productverificaties:

  • Concrete and related products
  • Asphalt mass verifications
  • Road markings
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Bricks
  • Ground flows
  • EPS
  • Sound screens

Project verifications for contractors for submission:

  • Track
  • Construction of highways and provincial roads
  • Bus shelters



Project verifications for clients after award:

  • Assess award discount based on equipment deployment

EcoReview is very familiar with verifications arising from LCA calculation tools such as Ecochain, NIBE and more.