Sustainable procurement of asphalt 60 - 120 minutes workshop | Online & Physical


There are many developments in the asphalt chain that make it possible to structurally focus on sustainability in tenders.

The aim of the training is to:

  • 1 to present the latest developments and agreements in the field of sustainable procurement of asphalt. Purchasing strategy Buyer Group sustainable road pavements is part of this
  • 2 to explain how easy and accessible it can be for organizations to (A) start with the sustainable procurement of asphalt or (B) structurally inquire about EMS, CO2, Circular use of materials, energy consumption and emission-free construction equipment in asphalt projects. Low-threshold for client AND tenderers.

The training is aimed at:

  • Provinces
  • Municipalities
  • Other road authorities
  • Tendering consultancy firms

Learning goals

  • What agreements exist for purchasing sustainable asphalt in a uniform manner?
  • How is asphalt purchased sustainably by leading organizations such as the province of Gelderland
  • Step-by-step plan to start or apply more structurally
  • Points of attention to avoid delays or legal issues
  • Sustainability in (1) framework (2) design (3) tendering, (4) delivery, (5) management, (6) renovation, reuse and demolition.
  • References to templates for accurate but fast reference calculations and monitoring results.

Practical information


  • 15 min. Welcome, introduce
  • 45 min. Presentation sustainable procurement asphalt in general
  • 45 min. Example project of the municipality of Groningen
  • 15 min. Step-by-step plan to get started in a project.


4-8 works well online.


Attuned to the specific wishes