Assessing sustainability in the project with the Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI) 2 half days | 60 - 120 minutes workshop | Online & Physical


The desire from market parties and purchasing organizations to be able to measure sustainability is increasing. Knowledge of the status of achieving the environmental objectives is necessary.

The measuring instruments for assessing the sustainability of procurement are the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and the Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI). To be able to calculate, assess and compare the environmental effects of a product, service, delivery or project, knowledge and understanding of the methods and theory of LCA and MKI are indispensable.

In practical cases, all knowledge, skills and experience are discussed in order to be able to discuss sustainability objectively and quantitatively, internally and externally.

The training is aimed at public organizations and market parties:

  • Project Manager
  • Buyer
  • Policy officer
  • Sustainability advisor
  • Tender manager / writer
  • Calculator


Learning goals

Lesson module 1

After the workshop you will know:

  • How an LCA and MKI calculation is established
  • How to apply an LCA and MKI in products and especially projects?
  • Compare products and projects quantitatively
  • Quantitatively substantiate choices based on sustainability, circularity and lifespan
  • Substantiate measures that reduce the environmental impact
  • How the ecosystem between (1) producers, (2) contractors and (3) purchasing organizations moves with regard to supply and demand of demonstrable sustainability in request, design, realization, delivery and management
  • Anticipating a broader (European) deployment of the MKI as a minimum requirement for products and projects

Practical information

You can participate in two ways.:

1 registration of individual participants to the planned training dates.

You can register via the website More practical information about the set-up, program and price can also be found here.

2 registering an organization for In-House training.

If 4 or more participants from the same organization are interested, a tailored and In-House training can be more interesting. Please contact Paul Prinssen for this